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Bone Broth – It does a body good! (& recipe)

bone-brothThe longer I practice, the more I find that eating more traditional foods are really an integral part of keeping good health.  Like many other traditional healers, I truly believe that the best health starts with optimal digestion and a healthy GI tract.

Struggling with the Blues?

Sad-Puppy-Face-Wallpaper-HD-Widescreen-1024x768December heralds the busyness that goes with Holiday Celebrations.
In addition to the fewer daylight hours, the added pressure that accompanies Christmas can unfortunately for many people make the holiday season less than cheery.

The Benefits of Salivary Hormone Testing

happy coupleGood health has a lot to do with maintaining balance: the right balance of work and play, the right balance of nutrients in the diet, and the right balance of hormones.  What people don’t often realize is how complex the effects of hormones are in the body.  Hormone imbalance may be a result of illness, or may produce symptoms and biochemical changes that eventally lead to illness.  Getting your hormone levels checked regularly can be instrumental in determining these issues before it leads to the development of disease.